"Spread a Little Aloha Around the World"

Apple slice dipped in coconut peanut butter | Aloha Spreads

Here at Aloha Spreads, we create artisan food products that are handcrafted using sustainable, organic, plant-based ingredients that are good for the planet and the body. No GMO's or artificial anything here - just fresh, tasty goodness.

We are a small business that began on the Big Island of Hawaii and have now expanded to San Diego, California. At Aloha Spreads, our team is committed to bringing you the freshest, feel-good foods made by hand with love in San Diego.

Our mission is to spread a little Aloha around the world. More than just a word for “hello,” “goodbye,” or “I love you,” Aloha is also about kindness, patience, and unity with each other, the land, and the ocean. We want to thank you for joining us in spreading a little Aloha around the world.

Please contact us if we can provide you with any further information. We appreciate the confidence you have placed in us and look forward to providing you with the best possible service into the future.


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